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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Information of Moisturizers

Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer

The calming properties of chamomile are not unknown anymore. Chamomile combined with arnica and rosemary hydrates it and give a soothing effect to the irritating sensation of the skin. This moisturizer also consists of shea butter and calendula oil that balances the tone and moisture of the skin. Apply this moisturizer if your skin gets red and itchy with decreasing temperatures.

Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturizer

Vanilla latte from Eminence is available in three oleaginous shades that go from light to dark with a subtle tint. This moisturizer can be apt for women who have an oily skin that gets a few shades darker with the use of creams. The tinted texture of this moisturizer will give an undoubting charm to the skin with its lightweight sheer coverage. Rich in antioxidants, Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturizer keeps the skin oxygenated negating the possibilities of your face getting dull or dry.

Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer

Many skin types are so complex that the harshness of cold weather makes it blemished with sores of dryness. None of the skin care product online may seem to help this condition. However, Stone Crop Whip moisturizer may have different results to show as its constituents include stonecrop, a natural succulent which has been used as first-aid plant since centuries. This component heals the sores caused by the rigid winds of winter along with the toning of skin. After applying this moisturizer, you may observe the striking difference as it clarifies it remarkably.

Echinacea Recovery Cream

Caring for skin during winters become a constant process that needs compulsion for appealing effects. Thus, if you want your day look to be a drop dead one, you must make preparations right from the previous night, or rather every night. Echinacea recovery cream is constructed using echinacea, yarrow and evening primrose oil that works as repairing agents during night and mend the defects of an aging. This creamy recovery fluid has incomparable moisturizing agents which makes it a perfect pick for dehydrated or irritated.

Tips to Protect skin From Cold Weather


It is very important to remove dead skin cells so that our skin can absorb moisture easily. You do not have to exfoliate every day as this would be very hard on the skin, but once or twice a week is enough to ensure that your skin can absorb the moisture it needs.

Use SPF:

When it’s cold, many of us think we do not need SPF, but in fact we really do. Although we do not have much sun there are still UVA and UVB rays that at first sight we can not see but they are highly damaging to our skin. SPF creates a protective layer for the skin that is needed in this adverse weather.


It is important to hydrate throughout the year, but during the winter months it is good to use moisturizers that are oil based rather than liquid based as the oil generates a protective layer on the skin & keep moisture.

Water temperature:

When we are in the cold all we want to do is enter and take a hot shower. This may seem like a good idea, but it is making your skin without favors. What you are doing is scratching the skin of your protective oils so it is best to stick to the medium temperature showers.

Protect your hands:

The skin on our hands is thinner than most parts of our body and has fewer oil glands so it is important that we take steps to help protect them during the winter. Cold weather can cause our hands to lose moisture, resulting in dryness and sometimes cracking and itching. To help prevent this from happening, moisten your hands every day and wear gloves when facing the cold.

Tricks to Fight Wrinkles

The different face tightening options

The non invasive face tightening options are many, the best being the topical use of antioxidants. You would in fact get face tightening treatment clinic in Delhi who have some of the masters in the industry to give patients and clients the best skin tightening experience. The topical application of antioxidants in several forms is the safest way to rejuvenate fresh skin without surgery. Other ways are laser and ultrasound therapy and finally, if nothing works then one can go for cosmetic surgery.

How antioxidants help

Antioxidants help rejuvenate the face, and initiate the production of new skin cells. This diminishes enlarged pores, tightens collagen under the skin and makes the skin fresh and shining again with the release of essential oils. The health of the skin can totally be brought back with the right application of antioxidants, which are found in daily consumables, fruits and vegetables, and many special formulations.

How to get help

You need not hunt for antioxidants in every piece of food you take. Rather you may leave it to the experts. The best way is to visit a skin tightening treatment clinic in Delhi, where you would get experts who knows the science of face tightening the best. What kind of antioxidant path, serum or cream should be used on the face, in what concentration, how many times etc, and the before and after therapy to dos will all be suggested by them.

Face tightening can help you get back a look of 10 years younger if you do it all right. Don’t expect any overnight recovery, as the damage was a long and gradual one. But the proper use of antioxidant based therapies in the right way can help replenish the skin with strength and vitality, so that it can tighten. With effective use of antioxidant based best skin tightening treatment, you would soon notice a remarkable difference in appearance.

Manicure And Pedicure canTry at Home

1. Basic Cleaning: First things first, remove any nail paint using a non-acetone remover. Also, you need to use a filer to shape your nails and a buffing block to remove any kind of stain on the nails. The buffer will also help you make your nails shine and smoothen the uneven edges.

2. Soaking & Scrubbing: Soak your hands in lukewarm water for about two to three minutes and your legs for about five minutes. Next, give your hands and feet some good exfoliating action with a scrub. You can make a quick homemade scrub by mixing one tablespoon baby oil with one tablespoon of sugar. Gently massage for a few minutes and later rinse your feet and pat dry. You can do this on days you do not have the time for a home pedicure service.

3. Cuticle Care: Rub some vitamin E enriched oil on your cuticles to soften them. You can also use a tool that comes along with a nail cutter or separately to remove the dirt under your nails. Also, take a buffer to smoothen your heels. Use a good moisturiser to hydrate your skin.

4. Apply a Base Coat: Brush on a thin layer of paint on all your nails in order to create an even surface for applying the nail paint. This will also ensure that you smoothen out any ridges on the nails. If you are doing your manicure and pedicure at home, might as well do it the professional way.

5. Final Polish: Now, gently apply the final coat on top of the base coat. If you are into nail art and nail polish, you are going to love doing this. This will give you amazing results as it will help you smoothen out any unevenness or flubs on the nail. Do this process on all your finger and toe nails.