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Boost The Brain With Yoga

Increases Concentration:- A famous asana, called as Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation, helps in blood circulation and formation of new blood cells. Hence, certified yoga instructor through their best practices helps in increasing alertness and awareness of mind and helps in better performance. Nowadays, parents are always tensed that their child’s performance is lower than that of others. One of the main reasons is pressure and competition, especially for the children who want to learn yoga at home which reduces the concentration power. Yoga can be the powerful resource for the children. Even in these cities, home yoga trainers are available which even doesn’t hinder in their time table.

A Stress Buster:- Stress is something that we have accepted as a thing of our daily routine. Everyone has to face a stressful situation whether the person is a child, youth or an old aged. It contributes to memory loss and destruction of brain cells. Yoga calms the mind and even controls the mood swings of a person. There are many asanas which help in reducing mind stress. For example, Balasana, Savasana, Uttana Shishosana etc. Stress causes tensed muscles, cloud in mind and restrict proper functioning of body. Techniques of yoga like- controlled breathing, stretching, meditation etc. hepls in clearing the mind.

Outperforms Standard Brain Training:- In this modern era, humans are doing so many things that they sometimes outperforms their brain capacity. Our brain is a muscle and it needs regular exercise for its proper functioning like a car requires. Driving a car on regular basis without any service will hamper its performance and same happens with human brain. Yoga keeps mind relaxed and peaceful. Yoga exercises like- Padahastasana sharpens memory skills, Halasana increases overall brain health. Thus, yoga acts like petrol which our brain requires for its smart performance.

Increases Happiness:- Yoga means’ to unite’. A human is sad when there is an imbalance among body, brain and outer circumstances. Our brain cannot control the circumstances but can create a balance between body and brain. Yoga strengthens brain-body connection and changes the mind immediately. Studies have shown that Brains Gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) level spike after a single hour of yoga and also help in reducing fatigue, anxiety and anger. Breathing makes a person happier and connects with the divine.

Useful for Pregnant Women:- Pregnancy is a blessing for a women but this blessing is showered with some thorns like- mood swings, fatigue, sickness, painful leg cramps and breathing problems. But, performing yoga on a regular basis for a period of 9 months ensures smooth delivery without much labour pain. Hiring home yoga instructors has become a trend now days especially in metro cities. Yoga for pregnant women like Shavasana, Konasana, Trikonasana, Tadasana etc. ensures good health. Even, female yoga instructors are available for women if they are hesitant with male instructors.