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Information of Moisturizers

Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer

The calming properties of chamomile are not unknown anymore. Chamomile combined with arnica and rosemary hydrates it and give a soothing effect to the irritating sensation of the skin. This moisturizer also consists of shea butter and calendula oil that balances the tone and moisture of the skin. Apply this moisturizer if your skin gets red and itchy with decreasing temperatures.

Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturizer

Vanilla latte from Eminence is available in three oleaginous shades that go from light to dark with a subtle tint. This moisturizer can be apt for women who have an oily skin that gets a few shades darker with the use of creams. The tinted texture of this moisturizer will give an undoubting charm to the skin with its lightweight sheer coverage. Rich in antioxidants, Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturizer keeps the skin oxygenated negating the possibilities of your face getting dull or dry.

Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer

Many skin types are so complex that the harshness of cold weather makes it blemished with sores of dryness. None of the skin care product online may seem to help this condition. However, Stone Crop Whip moisturizer may have different results to show as its constituents include stonecrop, a natural succulent which has been used as first-aid plant since centuries. This component heals the sores caused by the rigid winds of winter along with the toning of skin. After applying this moisturizer, you may observe the striking difference as it clarifies it remarkably.

Echinacea Recovery Cream

Caring for skin during winters become a constant process that needs compulsion for appealing effects. Thus, if you want your day look to be a drop dead one, you must make preparations right from the previous night, or rather every night. Echinacea recovery cream is constructed using echinacea, yarrow and evening primrose oil that works as repairing agents during night and mend the defects of an aging. This creamy recovery fluid has incomparable moisturizing agents which makes it a perfect pick for dehydrated or irritated.