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Some Advantages from Organic Baby Oil

For Hair

Baby oil can be used for the purpose of making the hair silky and smooth. It is quite thicker than the normal oils that they may put on the hair. Hence avoid using much this product on the hair. This kind of treatment can be done fortnightly. One must warm it first and massage it on the scalp and the shafts of the hair. Then cover the head with a shower cap. Leave it over the night. The next day wash the hair. Alternately using hot and cold water helps in removing much of the oil and helps in keeping as much oil as the hair needs.

For Skin

Organic baby oil has been found to be helpful in keeping the skin healthy and also give a protective shield to it. In cold climate, the skin starts to feel numb and can crack too. Applying baby oil then is a good idea. It gives a layer of heat insulation and hence the skin is not much affected. Baby oil has also been found to be helpful in healing cracks. One can apply it and wear socks. This will help in making the skin smooth. Sometimes people develop dry skin under the eyes. Then applying baby oil is a good way of keeping the skin protected. One can also use baby oil for removing the makeup. After shaving, one can use them to stop irritation. One can also use it to get rid of stretch marks.

To Treat Acne

Many people think that using baby oil on acne will further make it worse. But the truth is baby oil do not clog the skin pores. It can be applied directly on the spot of the acne and that can be cured too. One can also use it in homemade acne items.

To Reduce Tanning

One can use 2% iodine in baby oil and use them to reduce tanning. Iodine on skin must not be used regularly. Hence using this combination once in a while will be a good way of getting rid of the tan on your skin.